Home School Group

Transfiguration - Home School Group

There is a thriving group of homeschooling families who attend what has affectionately been termed “Fr. Baer Fridays” at Transfiguration. This informal group meets approximately 3X month (depending on other events in the parish), and is always open to new families.

There is no commitment to number of times attended: all families are welcome every time.

A regular program begins with an opportunity for confessions at 11 am, and continues with Mass at noon, a bring-your-own-lunch time in the Gathering Space, and finally, a short presentation from Father Baer on saints, general catechesis, devotions, or other fun and engaging topics.

Please contact Mary Demko, mdemko@transfigurationmn.org, if you would like to be on an email list for notifications of these opportunities.