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Friday, September 8 & Saturday, September 9, 2017

Taste of Transfiguration

New King & Queen

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new Fall Festival King & Queen! The majority of the votes go to (drum roll, please!)…Vern & Mary Yelle! We look forward to crowning them at our 2017 Taste of Transfiguration on Friday, September 8.

Please plan to come see their crowning at the Taste, and honor them with your presence. Thank you to all who voted!

2017 Fall Festival

Congratulations to our 2017 Fall Festival Raffle Winners!
  • 1st Place - Sue Stanich ($3,500)
  • 2nd Place - Ms. Jane Stach ($1,000)
  • 3rd Place - Cindy Cosale ($750)
  • 4th Place - Jodi Yanz ($500)
  • 5th Place - Tave Armbruster ($500)
  • 6th Place - Nicole Alt ($100)
  • 7th Place - Mrs. Julie Blanda ($100)
  • 8th Place - John C. Lemanski ($100)
  • 9th Place - Ty Fritz ($100)
  • 10th Place - David Kuschel ($100)

5K Walk / Run

Race Results

We had a tremendous 5k Run/Walk on September 9th.  The weather was great, and the family-friendly race was well attended, and a blast for participants and bystanders.  Here were the winners:

Youth Male        

  1. Jacob Stella
  2. Jack Kirchberg
  3. Seamus Monahan

Youth Female   

1. Natalie Reardon (tie)
1. Violet Rossini (tie)
3. Alicia Mutune 

Adult Male         

  1. Matt Grams
  2. Tim Leininger
  3. Brandon Peterson 

Adult Female    

  1. Justine  Heimer
  2. Ashley Tushaus
  3. Marrion Muia

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