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December Virtuous Tigers

December Virtuous Tigers
  • Garrett A. (6): Friendship
  • Henry A. (4): Diligence
  • Daniel A. (7): Generosity
  • Isa B. (3): Faith
  • Sophia B. (3): Charity, Prudence
  • Kendall B. (7): Generosity, Responsibility
  • Derek C. (7): Generosity (x2)
  • Kyle C. (2): Friendship
  • Marissa F. (2): Friendship
  • Alex G. (3): Faith, Generosity 
  • Dominik H. (6): Generosity (x2)
  • Jesse H. (7): Generosity
  • Ben J. (6): Responsibility
  • Jack K. (6): Generosity
  • Jason K. (6): Generosity
  • Adan L. (7): Generosity
  • Sawyer M. (2): Prudence
  • Seamus M. (6): Diligence 
  • George M. (2): Prudence
  • Conor M. (6): Generosity (x2)
  • Wyatt M. (6): Generosity
  • Rhiannon O. (7): Generosity, Responsibility
  • Violet R. (8): Charity
  • Tristan R. (6): Responsibility
  • Maura R. (3): Faith
  • Kara S. (7): Generosity
  • Charlie T. (6): Kindness
  • Claire T. (3): Faith


JAN 16
Congratulations to our middle-school students

Back Row:

Mico G, Brayden N, Daniel A, Ella G, Ella D, Cali Q.

Front Row:

Lauren W, Mikayla C, Violet R

December Virtuous Tigers

Congratulations to our students who were seen practicing the virtues this month.


DEC 17
Catholic Schools Quiz Bowl

8th graders Logan K, Sam M, Jacob M & Joe M went to the University of St. Thomas on Monday to attend the 26th Annual Catholic Schools Quiz Bowl. Of the 42 teams participating, our school placed in the top 8 teams!

 DEC  7 
November Virtuous Tigers

Congratulations to our students who were seen practicing the virtues this month.



NOV 27
Science of Spin

Our 2nd through 8th graders learned the “Science of Spin,” a fun, interactive physics lesson taught by Dazzling Dave, a professional yo-yo master.

NOV 15
Senior Thanksgiving Event

2018 Senior Thanksgiving was a great success, consisting of a thanksgiving feast, a performance by our 3rd and 5th graders, and turkey bingo!

NOV 10
Emmaus Ministry Donations

The members of Emmaus Ministry and other members of our parish donated much-needed items to the Little Sisters of the Poor, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Peter Claver, and the Listening House.  We were blessed to be joined by Sister Mary Joseph and Sister Mary Michael of the Little Sisters of the Poor to share stories of their ministry.

Rosary Walk to Union Cemetery

As part of our observance of the month of November, our 7th and 8th graders joined Fr. Erickson and Mr. J on a rosary walk to pray for the souls of the departed, in particular our parishioners laid to rest in Union Cemetary. 

A special thank you to parishioner, Ralph Pierre, Caretaker of Union Cemetery.

Día de los Muertos

In Spanish class, our third graders learned all about the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead — a holiday commemorating the the lives of the departed.Our students were able to make their own sugar skulls, one of the more familiar symbols of the Mexican holiday.

As part of the tradition, calaveras are decorated and displayed on ofrendas to honor the lives of their ancestors.

Honoring October Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Middle School Students!

Back Row:
Darby B, Natalie R, Daniella J, Seamus M, Alicia M, Jacob M.

Front Row:
Garrett A, Ben J and Jesse H.

All Saints Day

Throughout the year, students learn about different Saints. 

Then, each year on All Saints Day, students get creative and dress up like their favorite Saint.  

September Virtuous Tigers

Congratulations to our students who were seen practicing the virtues this month.