Our Mission

Dear Members of Transfiguration,

On August 6, the Feast of the Transfiguration and our Parish’s 78th Anniversary, I announced our theme for the coming year: Mission Transfigured.

Mission Transfigured has three stages. 

The first is a focus on attending Mass, which is the heart of our Catholic Faith.  Our motto is “Mass.  Every Family.  Every Sunday.”

Now we begin our second stage.  I am excited to introduce Financial Peace University. I wish to invite every member and every household from Transfiguration to participate.  Our finances, and financial challenges, are no small part of the real world in which we live.  Not surprisingly, Jesus Himself has a lot to say to us in the Bible about this crucial topic.  Financial worries fuel the stresses that confront many of our parishioners today.  Here are some hard facts from recent studies:

  • 76% of Americans live “paycheck-to-paycheck” (CNN Money, 2013)
  • 64% of Americans cannot cover a $1,000 emergency (Market Watch, 2015)
  • The average American household wastes 24% of their take-home pay on consumer debt (Financial Wellness, 2016)
  • Finances are the leading cause of stress in marriages (CNBC, 2015)
  • Couples who reported disagreements about finances once a week were over 30% more likely to get divorced (New York Times, 2009)

These studies indicate that it doesn’t matter where we live, or how much money we earn.  Two-thirds of us could not afford a car accident on our way home from Mass.  The crisis is right here at our Parish.  The goal of Financial Peace University is to address these financial challenges head on, and to alleviate stress in our lives.

Starting in January we will be offering Financial Peace University here at Transfiguration.  We are asking 100% of our adult parishioners to attend.  Please sign up using the accompanying form and return it to a Mission Transfigured volunteer after Mass. 

God bless you in this exciting year of Mission Transfigured!

Father Bill Baer

Imagine if your kids never new debt

About Financial Peace

What is Financial Peace?

It's peace of mind!  Take a look and see how this course is not just about helping you become more financially sound, but about how it can truly give you financial peace.

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The early-bird cost for Financial Peace University is $93, which includes all materials, and access to the online resources you need to succeed.  IMPORANT: The cost increases to $109 once Transfiguration’s initial inventory has been purchased.

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