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The mission of Transfiguration’s Home and School Association is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff of Transfiguration Catholic School. Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every child.

The Home and School Association sponsors assistance to teachers in their classroom setting, holds fund-raisers for supplemental educational materials and experiences, supports school and family social interaction, and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children. 

Below is the volunteer and fundraising obligation that is required by each family attending our school.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Tier 1 Volunteer Events*

  • Black and Gold Chair/ committee member
  • Room Parent
  • Book Fair Chair
  • Grandparents Day Chair
  • Head Coach of an athletic or academic team
  • Ashland Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Home and School Chair
  • School Advisory Council officer
  • Walk-a-thon Chair
  • Teacher Appreciation Chair
  • Box Tops


Tier 2 Volunteer Events*

  • Classroom volunteering, including class parties
  • Field Trip Chaperone (exception for Camp Eagle Bluff)
  • Open House tour guide
  • Library
  • Book Fair worker
  • Nurse’s office
  • Lunch room checker
  • Recess duty
  • Grandparent’s Day worker
  • Black and Gold worker
  • Middle School dance chaperone
  • Fall Festival worker

 *All volunteer events are subject to principal approval

Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the list above. Prior approval from the Principals is required.

If you wish, there is a $500 buyout available in lieu of volunteering, due October 1. (Hours not met will be billed.)  

Fundraising Opportunities

Each student is required to contribute $275.00 in fundraised monies. There is a $750.00 cap per family.

  • Fundraising Cards – Each card sells for $20.00. You can claim $10.00 from each card sold. (i.e., if you sell 5 cards you can claim $50.00 towards your fundraising.) 
  • Black and Gold – 50% of event ticket cost 
  • Walk-a-thon – 100% of what you collect you are able to claim towards your fundraising.
  • Scrip – Percentages vary – Receive a comprehensive list from the office. There is a report generated monthly form the office tracking this number.
  • Fish Fry – 50% of event ticket cost .
  • Give to the MAX Day – 100% of contribution.
  • Cash Donations – 100% of monies donated.
  • Cash Sponsorships – 100% of monies donated.
  • Catholic United Raffle- 100% of monies donated

Giving & Fundraisers

Home & School Chair

Colleen Monahan

Feel free to email us at tigerhomeandschool@gmail.com