Happy 78th Anniversary Transfiguration!

Pastors come and go. Parishioners come and go. Well, most parishioners!

On the occasion of our Parish’s 78th Anniversary, we are honored to hear from Mrs. Mona Emerfoll, the last living member of the 12 or so hearty souls who attended the first Mass at Transfiguration in 1939. And by “at Transfiguration” I mean at old Landy’s Tavern on Tanner’s Lake.

Mona was a little girl — she’s, uh, 39 years old now — and remembers, in great detail, how the tables and chairs around the bar were pushed to the side so that Fr. Cornelius Normoyle could celebrate Mass. See Mona’s reminiscences below.

We have a great past and a great future here at Transfiguration. Today, let’s join Mona in thanking the Lord for 78 wonderful years!

Mona EmerfollI am thankful for Transfiguration over all these 78 years!

Since Day 1, there are so many wonderful memories:

  • The first Mass on August 6, 1939, The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, was at Landy's Tavern!  What was a night club on Saturday night, was transformed into Mass on Sunday morning.  With 12 people in attendance, Fr. Normoyle lead Mass with a bar table serving at the Altar and bar chairs for pews.
  • May Devotions to Mary were significant to us.  The May Procession was an important event with us children warying our 1st Communion dresses and suits, and crowning our Blessed Mother.  My family also regulary said the Rosary together.
  • The Fall Festival was highly anticipated by the entire Parish even in the earliest years.  A lot of our current Festival traditions go all the way back to the beginning:  cake walk, kids games, church dinner, beer, and crafts!

~ Mona Emerfoll, an original member of Transfiguration


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