Parish Formation Nights

Parish Formation Nights

All parishioners and guests are invited to a fall and spring series on teachings of the Catholic Church taught by Fr. Erickson Wednesday nights in the Church.

These talks will discuss various topics on how to live our Catholic faith and then we will have some time for further discussion and socializing. 

The dates and topics for the year are:

September 19 – Paschal Mystery and what is a sacrament
October 17 – Baptism
November 7 – Confirmation & Gifts of the Holy Spirit
December 5 - Advent Parish Mission "Lessons from Our Blessed Mother" by Fr. Erickson
December 6 - Advent Parish Mission "Catholic Education" by Fr. Thomas Dufner
January 16 – The Most Holy Eucharist
February 20 – Sacraments of Healing (Reconciliation and Anointing)
March 20 – Sacraments of Service (Holy Orders and Matrimony)

Click on the dates for a YouTube video from the night. 

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