Catholic Services Appeal

Catholic Services Appeal

“…be doers of the word, and not hearers only.”
James 1:22

What does your faith mean to you?

Faith is something so personal that words cannot easily explain it. Faith can bring peace amidst turmoil, and true joy even in difficult circumstances. As Catholics, we are called to freely live out our faith and to give back to others as Christ has poured Himself out for us.

The Catholic Services Appeal Foundation (CSAF) is an independent non-profit focused solely on supporting 20 designated outreach ministries and nothing else. By partnering with the CSAF, you help those in need: the hungry, the orphan, the sick, suffering, dying and grieving. You assist in ministering to the imprisoned, evangelizing Catholic youth and college students, and strengthening families. You enable the sacraments to be provided to Catholics young and old alike. Newly added ministry partners this year include Abria Pregnancy Resources and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Twin Cities.

Please learn more about each of the vital ministries supported by the Foundation, and join in transforming lives through the Gospel! Visit to learn more, and please prayerfully consider how you might give back via the CSAF.

Please donate today!
To join in the work of the CSAF, go to to make an online donation, or complete a paper pledge form found in the Transfiguration Parish Office or Gathering Space. Drop your completed form in the collection basket, at the Parish Office, or mail it directly to the Foundation’s office in Plymouth, MN. Thank you for responding to the Gospel call to serve the poor, support life, strengthen faith and transform lives by God’s grace - Unified We Rise!

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