Virtue of the Month

May’s Virtue in Practice is DILIGENCE

DILIGENCE is the virtue we are focusing on in May. Diligence means "doing your best and working hard until you’re finished."

Whether we are cleaning, cooking, studying, or praying, it’s important to get the job done to the best of our ability. What task do I do poorly, or with a bad atitude? How can I turn an unpleasant task into a prayer?

Affinity with God is achieved by an intense desire for good, along with diligence and time.

~ St. John Chrysostom

As we complete our second full year of the Virtues in Practice program, we would like to acknowledge all parishioners, school & family formation students & families, and guests who have dedicated themselves to growing in virtue.

May is our last month of 2017'’s program—let's finish strong!

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