Virtue of the Month

March Virtue of the Month

March’s Virtue in Practice is TEMPERANCE: enjoying things in a proper, balanced way.

Temperance is puttng everything in its right order. Our focus in life is to become the best versions of ourselves in order to become holy and get to heaven.

How do we become good at sports? We practice. Likewise, how do we become good at virtue? We practice. Practicing temperance means denying ourselves something that we like. If I want to eat my entire dinner, I leave one or two bites on the plate instead. If I want to watch another episode of my favorite show on Netflix, I stop myself, and find something else to do. If I want to hit the snooze button, instead I wake up with the alarm and begin my day with a few moments of prayer.

The first step to temperance is to practice self-denial.

During February, let’s pray for an increase in the virtue of temperance, and practice ways to deny ourselves good things in order to gain greater virtue.

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