Preschool Curriculum

Transfiguration Catholic School - Preschool

Basic Program goals have been developed to promote the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of each child.

The daily lesson plans includes:

  1. balance of quiet and active activities,
  2. balance of child-initiated and teacher directed activities
  3. a variety of activities that motivate children to explore and learn through play:
    • Sensory Activities
    • Large Motor
    • Large Group Activities
    • Music
    • Dramatic Play
    • Small Motor
    • Small Group Activities
    • Art
    • Language Development
    • Science
    • Religion
    • Math

To provide this program, teachers will respond by listening, comforting, encouraging and asking open-ended questions. Transfiguration Preschool provides interest centers for the children. These centers are maintained and supervised by the staff. These centers include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative Art
  • Science
  • Construction
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Music
  • Dramatic or Practical Life Activities
  • Literature and Language Development
  • Large Muscle Development

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