Technology Grades 3-5

All students participate in a digital learning curriculum where they learn how to be good digital citizens. This includes protecting their private information while online or using social media, avoiding downloading viruses, giving proper credit when using digital sources and being positive leaders rather than cyberbullies.

In addition, 3rd Graders focus on computer hardware and software basics. They also use a phonics software program to enhance their reading curriculum. They are introduced to typing as time permits.

4th graders review hardware and software basics. They work hard on typing lessons to formulate good base skills. They also learn to create basic reports in Microsoft Word and presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

5th graders review and expand on computer hardware and software basics. They quickly work through the typing skills again so they are prepared for the papers in middle school. 5th graders do a poetry project in Microsoft Word, create and present using Microsoft PowerPoint and design a room to use for a Spanish project.

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