6th Grade: “Following Christ” which includes the study of the Ten Commandments and the Holy Mass. 7th Grade:  “The life of Grace” which includes God reveals Himself, God becomes Man, and God Shares His life. Seventh grade also includes “what is Prayer?” 8t Grade: “Our Life in the Church” which includes the Church, The Christian in the World, and the means to fulfill our call to Holiness. The 8th Grade also has the text titled, “Confirmation” ~ by Sadler. This book will assist in guiding them through Confirmation. The celebration of Confirmation takes place in the spring of their 8th grade year. The middle school students are also involved in: *Weekly Rosary * Grades K through 8 participates in planning and participates in our weekly Masses * Service activities during the liturgical season * 8th grade service project requirements for Confirmation * Retreats that is based upon the Church’s liturgical season.

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