Elementary 3-5 Curriculum

Third Grade

Third Grade is a crossover for students from lower to upper elementary grades.  In addition to diving deeper academically, students deepen their communication, organizational and study skills, which empower them to be life-long learners.  Taking on greater responsibility and independence, students gain confidence in their abilities and accomplishments.  They engage in challenging material in a supportive learning environment, growing as individuals in their collaboration with other students and teachers.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders grow in their academic and social skills as they creatively take on new challenges and responsibilities! Letter grading is used for the first time!

They move to higher levels of reading comprehension skills and take on long division, multiplication, and algebraic equations. Creative writing activities abound, such as the Western town unit.

They grow in their knowledge of the regions of the United States and many areas of science.

Students creatively solve engineering challenges in the LEGO technics and Mindstorms unit! The Bible comes to life through a wonderful tour of Old and New Testament stories in religion class!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade develops skills sets to include personal, academic and spiritual instruction transitioning them toward middle school success.  The vibrant religious instruction includes performing our historical Living Stations of the Cross, delving into Family Life education, and interactive activities to enhance their knowledge of our Catholic history, identity and commitment to our Catholic way of life.  Fifth graders engage in many cross-curricular, student-led activities. An example is our small group novel studies in Reading and Writing. In addition, our Science curriculum includes opportunities for constructivist learning through hands-on laboratory and dissection units.  Our rigorous Math curriculum includes higher level fraction knowledge, real word problem solving, algebraic reasoning, measurement and geometry.  United States History exploration chronicles the early explorers and settlements through the Civil War period. Students participate in a celebrated, annual Wax Museum unit.