Middle School 6-8 Curriculum


Philosophy of Middle School Science:

We believe that all students can and should be able to use scientific principles that connect to a body of scientific and engineering knowledge acquired through active participation, and hands on laboratory experiences, rooted in scientific inquiry and engineering design with a focus toward scientific literacy.

Social Studies

Philosophy of Middle School Social Studies:

We believe that a social studies curriculum should support and guide the development of our students understanding of the world in which we live through the study of citizenship, geography, economics, and history.

Language Arts

For middle school language arts, the class is divided into two areas of focus: language arts and writing.  For all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes, language arts includes extensive grammar lessons as well as vocabulary/spelling.  We also look at prefix, suffix, and root word meanings so as to help students break down unknown words and uncover their meanings. 

Reading / Communications

Our Reading and Communications curriculum enables students to participate and succeed in high school English classes. Students read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction to better their comprehension while responding to text in a variety of ways.

Our Communications curriculum consists of speaking and listening. Students engage in opportunities to practice both skills in different ways in order for them to be thoughtful, responsible contributors to society.


Elementary and Middle School students received a new Religion series. The series is called “Faith and Life.” The Faith and Life series emphasises the scriptural basis of our Faith. Each chapter opens with a Scripture passage, and vocabulary words and important verses supplement the text where relevant. It closes with questions and answers based on Church teaching, as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Other supplemental books and activities are used to fulfill the knowledge of understanding of the subject and the celebration of the liturgical season.


We believe that mathematics is a life skill.  Through perseverance we learn to apply problem solving skills to everyday situations.  Our program emphasizes logic, exploration, critical thinking, cooperation, and reasoning.  The classes are tiered by ability and learning style in the middle school (covering most of the same curriculum at each grade level, just at a different pace).   Basic pre-algebra is taught in 6th grade, pre-algebra in 7th grade, and Algebra I in 8th grade.