Technology Grades 3-5

The goal of technology class is to teach the students to become comfortable enough with technology to use it as a tool in learning. Students are also taught to be good digital citizens while using many of the forms of media used today.

Phy Ed

Physical Education lessons and units at Transfiguration School are based on the National Physical Education standards in accordance with being a Christian athlete that tries their best in everything they do.

Abbey Luger is our PreK-8 PhyEd teacher.


The Spanish language program emphasizes learning written and verbal communication skills and developing cultural awareness. In the kindergarten through third grade classes the students learn vocabulary and basic phrases and explore the Spanish language and through music and art. In fourth and fifth grade the students begin basic grammar concepts and vocabulary is reinforced and expanded. The students are assessed through written tests, oral presentations and projects. All of the elementary students learn about various cultural traditions and celebrations. The middle school program focuses on learning formal grammar to improve writing, reading, speaking and reading comprehension skills. Middle school students research Spanish-speaking countries to learn about geography, history, government, religion and culture. The students learn prayers and participate in a mass in Spanish. 


Students will age-appropriately demonstrate basic music literacy, develop an appreciation of music as an art form, evaluate music as it contributes to society, understand music’s place in cultures of this country and the world, display performance skills and concert etiquette, and understand music’s role in the liturgy.  The MN State Standards are used to measure benchmarks.