Dear Parents, 

Introducing “Faithful Beginnings” at Transfiguration Catholic School!

Faithful Beginnings is a brand developed by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) and a professional branding agency.  It is available to Catholic Preschools across the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective marketing and promotion tool.  The Faithful Beginnings brand was created to embody the faith, values, and excellence that characterize the Catholic preschool programs across the Archdiocese.   

We are adopting the Faithful Beginnings brand at Transfiguration alongside our “Little Saints” brand, which will continue to be our unique preschool brand.  Faithful Beginnings is a fresh, eye-catching, memorable brand that we hope people will begin to associate with excellent Catholic early childhood education for their children.

By choosing Faithful Beginnings for our school, we are able to maintain our individual identity and join a network of Catholic preschools with similar goals.  We also gain access to the special Faithful Beginnings support and resources CSCOE provides. We are confident that this decision will help us to increase excellence and enrollment at Transfiguration Catholic School, bringing more young souls to Christ and improving our existing early childhood program.

As with any change or new initiative, we understand that you may have questions.  We encourage you to contact us or stop by our office if you have questions about Faithful Beginnings.  Please help us to spread the word about Faithful Beginnings and Little Saints at Transfiguration to other families with young children who may be considering preschool options for schooling.

Thank you for your support!  

Mr. Andy Jacobson