Parish Scholarship: 2019-2020 School Year

Qualifications and Implementation of Mass Attendance

Transfiguration Catholic Church offers a $1,000 per student parish scholarship for families that are registered and active members of Transfiguration Catholic Church. Please see page two for the qualifications of a registered and active member.

A mandatory parent meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm for families wishing to be eligible for the parish scholarship. One parent from each family must attend this meeting. Mass attendance cards and the full policy will be explained and handed out.

The 2019-2020 school year will be the first year that Mass attendance is used as a qualification for the Parish Scholarship. Due to the school year billing cycle, the parish scholarship will be phased in as follows:

  • $600 Parish Scholarship awarded based on the criteria in place - registered parishioner, completed 2019 Transfiguration Financial Stewardship Form, and active participation in financial stewardship. Please reference the 2018-2019 Tuition Policy for details. Eligibility will be determined on May 31st and applied to your TADS invoices by June 12th. 
  • $400 Parish Scholarship awarded based on the new criteria which includes mass attendance. The measurement periods and due dates are below.
Measurement Period:
Sept 1 to Nov 30
Dec 1 to Feb 28
Report Due:
December 5 
March 5 
Scholarship Applied to Billing:
Dec 15 ($300 applied to Jan - March invoices)
March 15 ($100 applied to April - June invoices)

New Families – New Family Scholarship and Eligibility for Parish Scholarship
New families to our school, that were not previously registered at our parish, may qualify for the parish scholarship during their first year. The family must register in the parish at the time of school enrollment and participate in financial stewardship. Upon registration and completion of a Transfiguration Financial Stewardship Form, a $500 new family scholarship will be awarded. New families will be encouraged to attend Mass and earn an additional $500 parish scholarship by recording their Mass attendance and reporting based on the dates below.

Measurement Period:
September 1 to November 30
December 1 to February 28
Report Due:
December 5  
March 5 
Scholarship Applied to Billing:
December 15 (Jan - March invoices)
March 15 (April - June invoices) June 5, 2019

A registered and active member of Transfiguration Catholic Church, for the purpose of qualifying for a parish scholarship, requires the following criteria to be met:

  1. Parish Registration.
    Families must be formally registered as a member of Transfiguration. Forms are available from the School or Parish Office. If you have questions regarding parish registration, or you want to verify if your family is registered, please contact Andy Jacobson 651-501-2216
  2. Mass Attendance.
    Mass attendance at Transfiguration is important for several reasons, with the most important being building community through Sunday worship and formation in Jesus Christ. It is vitally important as Catholics to build roots in community of Catholic faith and connect with the Pastor and parishioners in Mass. Families must attend Mass at least three times per month at Transfiguration.
  3. Participate in Financial Stewardship.
    Each family must submit a Stewardship Pledge Form each year, and actively and regularly participate in financial stewardship at Transfiguration Catholic Church. Regular participation is determined by a review of contributions for the twelve months preceding a completed academic registration. New families in the school will qualify for the parish scholarship in their first year if they register in the parish and complete a financial stewardship form. If you have questions regarding your annual stewardship pledge, please contact Andy Jacobson 651-501-2216

Reporting Method

Mass Attendance will be reported quarterly by each family. The requirement is to attend Mass at Transfiguration 3 times per month or 9 times per quarter. If you attend Mass at another Church due to travel or other circumstances, please note it on your report and the Principal and Pastor will consider the circumstances when they review the reports.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will utilize a paper reporting card. We are exploring additional options for reporting and will notify families if/when a different reporting method will be implemented. Specific information on reporting method will be issued to each family at the mandatory parent meeting on September 4, 2019.

June 5, 2019