Family Formation


The Sacrament of Confirmation

When a Catholic receives the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are completing the Christian Initiation begun at Baptism, receiving the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgment, Courage, Knowledge, Piety, and the Fear of the Lord.  In receiving these Gifts, we are called to use them for the greater glory of God.   Confirmation preparation at Transfiguration Catholic Church helps our youth to understand how to live out the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

Confirmation preparation at Transfiguration is a two-year program beginning in 7th grade and concluding with the sacrament of Confirmation during the Easter season of 8th grade.  Click on the more button for more information on our program.


Catholic Resources
Catholic Resources

Although the regular rhythm of family life has changed for now, there are many ways in which you can help your family grow in their faith.  We encourage you to create a designated prayer area, where you and your family can spend time together in prayer and study.  Here are some useful links to help you and your family connect with great resources – most of them totally free!

Family Formation (1st - 6th Grade)

Why Family Formation?

Children are more likely to put into practice the faith they see lived out day-to-day at home.

There is a receptivity and vulnerability to good formation which only happens in the early years of children’s development, and only in the family. A family catechesis program helps families to embrace this time and use it to form their children well.

A careful reading through the documents of the Catholic Church quickly reveals the Church's great expectations for the family. “The right and duty of parents to give education is essential ... original and primary ... and it is irreplaceable and incapable of being entirely delegated to others” [Familiaris Consortio, 36]. Christ and His Church call parents to be “the first and foremost educators of their children” [Gravissimum Educationis, 3]. Family catechesis aids families in becoming the domestic churches they are called to be. [Lumen Gentium]

The Domestic Church

Watch this great video on, the what Saint Pope John Paul the Great call, your family the Domestic Church. The Domestic Church, your family life, is the cornerstone of culture and our future.