Student Leadership & Service

Junior Achievement, Grades K-8

Junior Achievement is an enrichment opportunity provided during class time for grades K-8 that provides hands-on activities to teach age-appropriate financial literacy skills. Grades 6-8 combine classroom learning with simulated real-world experience at Junior Achievement's experiential learning lab in Maplewood.

Student Council, Grades 4-8

Student Council is made up of elected members from each grade. Meetings are held twice a month before school, and elected officers and representatives must be able to attend meetings. Officers and members also serve on various community committees, school committees and task forces. Student Council-sponsored activities include student donations to charitable organizations, student social activities, and the annual Talent Show.

Yearbook, Grade 8

Eighth grade students have the opportunity to help with the layout of the school yearbook under the guidance of a teacher advisory staff. Students work together to create collage photo pages, class pages, and an "Eighth Grade through the Years" page. Students are also involved in editing. Those wanting to participate in development of the yearbook will need to attend meetings either before or after school.