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Youth and Family Events
Youth and Family Events

Several times throughout the year we will be hosting youth and family events after the 6:00PM Sunday Mass. We invite all families to come and join us for a time of fun, faith, and fellowship. We will be hosting social events which will help foster a strong community among the families here at Transfiguration, as well as hosting faith oriented events that will be geared toward building the family stronger in prayer, faith, and the sacraments; as well as how to live out the Catholic faith together as families, and one family being the body of Christ. 


Do you want to see the young Catholic Church ALIVE? Join NET Ministries and over 1,000 young people on the first Saturday of every month for Lifeline Mass. With contemporary music, energetic crowds, and powerful presentations, Lifeline is focused on giving 7-12th graders in the Minnesota area the chance to experience the beauty of Mass with their peers.  Lifeline consists of: Praise and worship, Mass, Speakers, Concerts,

Break-out sessions, Men’s and women’s sessions, Eucharistic Adoration, and more.

To join the group departing from and returning to Transfiguration each month, contact the Parish Office at 651-738-2646

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