With Gratitude

A Word about the Artists

We are grateful to all those who are responsible for the outstanding craftsmanship and beauty of our renovated Sanctuary, especially to the following: 

  • the Supervisor for the entire project, Mr. Joel Skinner of Church Interiors, Inc. (www.churchinteriors.com); 
  • Mr. Alan Warmka, who built the new Altar and renovated the existing Altar;
  • Mr. Craig Gallagher, who painted the murals of St. Moses and St. Elijah, along with the stenciling in the underside of the three arches, and who “marbleized” the four columns.

Transfiguration Catholic Church

With Gratitude to Our Benefactors

More than 20 benefactors, some parishioners, others visitors to Transfiguration made generous donations on behalf of these renovations.  Special thanks to Mr. Vaughn Grolla and Mr. Jack Peterfeso.  

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