About the Sacraments

Transfiguration - The Sacraments

The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church are the principal channels of God’s saving graces.  Jesus Christ instituted these Sacraments, and there is nothing more important to the life and mission of a Catholic Parish.  At Transfiguration, we do all we can to bring the Sacraments to as many people as possible.  Sunday and daily Masses, daily Confessions, monthly celebrations of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick: these and the other Sacraments are the pillars of our Parish.  Learn more about the Sacraments at Transfiguration in the pages that follow.

The Seven Sacraments are:

  • The Sacraments of Initiation:
    • Baptism
    • Confirmation
    • Holy Eucharist
  • The Sacraments of Healing:
    • Penance (Reconciliation/Confession)
    • Anointing of the Sick
  • The Sacraments at the Service of Communion and Mission:
    • Holy Orders
    • Matrimony