Student / Parent Systems


Use TADS to enroll your student in Transfiguration Catholic School as well as to make online tuition payments.


Educate by TADS

Educate by TADS is our student information system for the school. We use it for many purposes: attendance, grade books, posting assignments, etc. Parents receive a login username and password, and may access much of this information on Educate.

If a parent or student has trouble logging in (passwords do expire if not used on a regular basis) please contact the school office at 651-501-2220 for help.

Cornerstone SMS

School Lunch Payments

If you wish to pay your student lunch fees via credit card, please click the button below.

Electronic Payment



Want to be more connected with your child(ren) during the day?  If so, add the Seesaw app to your phone or tablet.  With Seesaw, you can get teacher notifications specific to your student(s) and view classroom activities.  Your student(s) can even post their photos or videos of their projects and you can reply with either recorded or text message.  

To get connected, your teacher will send you an invite code which allows you to download the app and connect to their classroom.  Below is a video to help you understand more about Seesaw.