Children's Ministries

Anyone who has either regular or unsupervised interaction with children, youth, or vulnerable adults must complete Essential 3 and renew requirements every three years. Essential 3 includes a background check, Code of Conduct, and Safe Environment Training.

Transfiguration Safety Coordinator
- Martha Praska - 651-738-2646

- Hotline:651-291-4475
- Website:

The following information has been taken from the Safe Environment page on the Archdiocese website:

Creating Safe Environments

How Local Parishes and Catholic Schools Help Establish Safe Environments for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults

Protecting children, youth and vulnerable adults is of highest importance at parishes and Catholic schools throughout the archdiocese.

All clergy and parish, school and archdiocesan employees, as well as volunteers who have either regular or unsupervised interaction with minors or vulnerable adults must complete the Essential 3 requirements: participate in VIRTUS safe environment training, undergo a criminal background check, and adhere to a code of conduct.

Catholic schools and parish faith formation and youth ministry programs have been teaching children and youth age-appropriate lessons about personal safety and sexual abuse prevention since 2006.

Learn more about how parishes and Catholic schools work to establish safe environments under Promise to Protect.

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