2019 Inductee
Rick Sonnek

2019 Inductee<br>Rick Sonnek

Married to Lynne, Rick is the proud father of two daughters, Andra (2009 Transfiguration graduate) and Jenna (2012 Transfiguration graduate).

We joined Transfiguration in 2001 when Andra started first grade. Jenna started kindergarten in 2003. When Andra reached 5th grade, I was asked by Ben Bauer (the AD at the time) if I could help him out with the basketball team. I helped with a couple practices and then he asked me to take over……that is how I got into coaching!

In 2008 I coached both Andra’s 8th grade team and Jenna’s 5th grade team. I continued to coach Jenna’s team through the 8th grade 2011-2012 season.

In 2008, Andra’s 8th grade team made it to the CAA championship game but fell just short of victory. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Jenna’s team made it to the CAA championship game and came away victorious each time. In addition to the CAA success we also participated in many school sponsored tournaments, the Immaculate Conception Instructional League and outside association tournaments. We played a lot of basketball!

There are many great memories from the games played over the seven years of coaching, too many to mention. Most memorable though are the kids and all the hard work they put into being the best they could be. We practiced a lot and practiced hard. But I also tried to bring some fun into the practices and games. The girls that I coached had great support from their teammates, parents and family, as well as their teachers. I am forever grateful that I had this opportunity and am thankful for the many friendships developed at that time that are the best yet today.

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