Youth Ministries - Feed My Starving Children

What is Youth Ministry?

All of us young and old have a longing and desire to be part of something and whether we know it or not we have a desire for God. Youth Ministry is an opportunity for students to go beyond their Catholic School or Faith Formation programs for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are to have fun with friends from Church. Another reason is to learn more about the faith we share as Catholics.

The final goal would be for young people to have an encounter with a person, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist in a real and permanent way. All of the events and experiences we offer through Transfiguration Youth Ministry we hope have some of these elements.

Our hope is that when they experience Jesus in a real way they will be transformed and with proper formation will become disciples of Jesus. As the men walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, youth ministry is a walk with other people through life revealing to them Jesus as the fulfillment of all desires and the Catholic Church as the vehicle to bring them.

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