Uniform Policy-Kindergarten-Grade 5

Transfiguration Catholic School requires students in K-8 to wear a uniform and adhere to the following dress code. Any exemptions to this dress code must be requested in writing by the parents.

Contracted uniform vendor: Donald’s Uniform


  • White or royal blue knit polo shirt, long or short sleeved 
    • Non-banded shirts must be tucked in
    • Shirts must have logo
  • Sweater or sweatshirt
    • Navy blue regulation tiger sweatshirt
    • Navy blue sweater (cardigan, v-neck, crew neck pullover)
    • Navy blue fleece with logo (from Donald’s)
    • Black with gold sweatshirt from MN Print N Stitch. Order online. (Must have polo shirt underneath, if sweatshirt is removed.)


  • Pants or Shorts
    • Navy blue plain pant (no jeans, sweatpants, crops pants or cargo pants)
    • Navy blue walking shorts, moderate in length (no cargo or large pockets)
    • Leggings are not to be worn as pants.
  • Jumper, skort or skirt
    • must be moderate in length
  • Socks or Tights or Leggings
    • Navy blue or white tights
    • White or navy blue crew or ankle socks
    • Navy blue or white leggings may be worn under jumper, skort or skirt
    • No patterns - plain socks please (small logos okay).


  • Athletic or dress shoes (Athletic mandatory for Physical Education.) 
  • K-2 students are strongly encouraged to wear athletic shoes daily as we play outside a lot. - 

Please label ALL clothing with Student’s name.

Revised: 7/2018

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