How to Tune-in to our Outdoor Masses

Sunday Eucharistic Blessing
To listen to our Masses at church in the comfort of your car, follow these instructions:
  • Tune your car radio to 89.1 FM to listen to the liturgy. 
  • If you are experiencing radio static, please move your car 1 or 2 feet as space allows, and the static should go away. If the static does not go away, you might try another parking spot, or listen to the liturgy through the loudspeakers. 
  • If, during the liturgy, the radio broadcast stops working, please roll down your windows as weather allows to listen to the liturgy through the loudspeakers. 
  • If a change to the radio frequency is required, the change will be noted on the white board we will have outside the church.
  • Finally, if your car is able to run the radio without the engine running, please limit idling during the liturgy to the extent possible.

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