Transfiguring Conversations

Transfiguring Conversations

Would you like to connect with others?

We at Transfiguration are asking both parishioners and non-parishioners to participate in what we are calling "Transfiguring Conversations." These conversations are fundamentally about getting to know Jesus, the Lord Who is known in the details of our lives and in the lives of others. And once we have reflected upon this Jesus and His presence, they are about giving strength to every parishioner to speak more confidently about the Lord with family and friends, so that all those in the east metro, and beyond, may encounter the Lord who loves them and Who alone can save them.

The conversations consist of 3 simple questions:

  1. What prayer intentions do you have? 
  2. How did you meet the Lord and begin the path of discipleship with Him? 
  3. What gifts and talents do you have for the furthering of the Kingdom of God?

Please click here to see this important message from Fr. Erickson stressing the importance of these conversations. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Phinney.

Why participate in the Transfiguring Conversations?

"I really enjoyed getting to know parishioners that I hadn't personally met before; where they are on their faith journey, who/what is on their hearts, and how/where they feel called to serve the Lord. The Holy Spirit made the whole environment and conversations very peaceful and fruitful. Getting to know my fellow parishioners has helped me feel more connected to the community and adds an extra "hello" to Sundays, or another name to pray for."   ~ Scott H.

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