Celebrate our Parish Feast day with us!

In just a few short weeks, a treasured Transfiguration tradition will make a triumphant return – with a twist. Our Feast Day Festival WILL be held on Saturday, August 7. This year's festival will feature live music, kids' games, great food, and of course, a raffle!

But the main attraction this year will be a bit different. The 2021 Festival theme is “Family Reunion,” and the main attraction will be our fellow parishioners, especially those who have been away during the pandemic. Our Parish is a family, and we are having a reunion! It is time to come home.

These past 15 months have challenged us all. Some of us have been sick. Some have had to endure financial hardships. We had
to celebrate Easter in a parking lot and went months without receiving our Lord in the Eucharist. Some of us still have not
been back to in-person Mass.

We have had a very safe and successful school year - Praise God - and our weekend Mass celebrations are almost back to normal. We continue to follow the safety guidelines set by the state and federal government and those regulations now allow for a parish-wide social gathering. As Father Erickson would say:
It's time to PAR-TAY!

It is time to come home, to gather as we used to every fall, and to listen to music and let our kids run around in a safe and loving community, winning “priceless treasures” and sugary two liters of soda. It is time to anxiously check our raffle tickets as the winning numbers are called out.

We cannot wait to get this party started. Rather than fill your calendars in the first week of school or compete with other fall events, we are going to properly celebrate our Parish Feast Day with a Feast Day Festival on Saturday, August 7.

Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for Raffle tickets and volunteer sign-ups. We can't wait to greet you with a heart-felt "Welcome Home!"

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