2015 Inductee
Greg Vievering

2015 Inductee - Greg Vievering

After graduating from Saint John’s University in 1982, Greg Vievering began teaching fourth grade at Transfiguration Catholic School in the fall of that year.  He soon started a Friday after school soccer program for 4th-6th graders on the parking lot adjacent to the Ferndale St. school building. 

The “regulars” from that program became the core of the first CAA Transfiguration Boys Soccer team in the fall of 1985.  Greg coached that “A” level team for thirteen seasons through the fall of 1997.  Each year’s team was made up of 18-21 sixth through eighth graders with an occasional talented fifth grader added in. 

The after school program ran from November to June all those years and continued to be the source of new players each season.  The team prayed together at every practice and game throughout the thirteen seasons and God poured out his blessings! 

The players had a lot of fun, they grew in their skills, and they won a lot of games.  The team’s record during the thirteen seasons (including all non-conference and play-off games) was 122 wins, 23 losses, and 7 ties.  They scored 525 goals and gave up 105.  The Transfiguration Travelers, as they were known in those days, had a winning record all thirteen seasons, winning ten CAA division championships during that time.  Transfiguration was the CAA Champion in 1994 and Runner-Up Champion in 1996.

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