Parish Scholarship

Parish Scholarship

Becoming active in Transfiguration Catholic Church is a vital component of the education and Catholic formation of your child and your family.  We strongly encourage all families that enroll a child in our Catholic School to attend Sunday Mass, to become active members of our parish, and to participate in financial stewardship at Transfiguration Catholic Church.  

A Parish Scholarship of $1,000 per student will be applied to the tuition rate of each student whose parent(s)/custodian, residing at the same home address as the student, qualify as a registered parishioner(s) and active member(s) of Transfiguration Catholic Church.  Parish Scholarships will be applied after academic registration is completed, the family registration fee has been paid, and parish registration and active membership have been verified.

A registered and active member of Transfiguration Catholic Church, for the purpose of qualifying for a parish scholarship, requires the following criteria to be met:

  • Parish Registration.  
  • Mass Attendance.  A partnership of faith is the cornerstone of Catholic education.  Parents must show their commitment to this partnership by attending Mass at least three times per month.  
  • Participate in Financial Stewardship.  Each family must submit a Stewardship Pledge Form each year, and actively and regularly participate in financial stewardship at Transfiguration Catholic Church.  Regular participation is determined by a review of contributions for the twelve months preceding a completed academic registration.  New families in the school will qualify for the parish scholarship in their first year if they register in the parish and complete a financial stewardship form.

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